About Vala

Cell imaging and analysis for better pre-clinical drug candidate screening

Vala’s Mission

Vala Sciences helps researchers achieve an unrivaled in vitro understanding of how human cells respond to drug compounds.

Vala is committed to providing expert services to pharmaceutical developers and researchers to help overcome the persistent challenge of reducing avoidable clinical failures of drug candidates.

Breakthrough Single-Cell Video Analysis Platform

By measuring up to three channels (voltage, Ca+ and contractility) of single-cell hiPSC kinetic data in real time and comparing cell response with known healthy or disease-model cells, Vala can help rank order drug candidates by identifying toxicities, dose response and efficacy.

Platform Enabled CRO Services

Vala delivers expert services that leverage our flagship Kinetic Image Cytometer (KIC®), CyteSeer® Cellular Analysis Algorithms and ValaDATE® AI Platform (in development).

Company History

Vala Sciences was founded in 2004 by Jeffrey Price, M.D., Ph.D. in San Diego. Dr. Price, a pioneer in high throughout cell imaging and data analysis, previously founded and led Q3DM until its acquisition by Beckman Coulter Inc. in 2003. Since its inception, Vala has worked closely with academic leaders, government health institutions and top pharmaceutical scientists to advance the state of cell imaging, analysis and interpretation for drug candidate screening.

Vala Sciences is privately held.


  • Referenced in over 70 scientific publications.

  • Center of Excellence” installations at blue-chip research labs: Stanford, UCSF, Northwestern, Broad Institute, Baylor College of Medicine.

  • 15 year collaboration with Stanford Cardiovascular Institute.

  • More than $20 million in NIH grants for breakthrough research projects, with more in the pipeline.