hiPSC-Derived Microglia (iX Cells Biotechnology Cat. CXPR-25)

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Background: Microglia are central nervous system innate immune support cells that function remarkably like peripheral macrophages. Microglia continually monitor neuronal function through direct cell-cell contacts and exert neuroprotective effects in response to stress. By maintaining brain homeostasis, clearing cellular debris, pruning synapses, and eliminating protein aggregates, microglia play key roles in neurodevelopment, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, traumatic brain injury, and many other central nervous system conditions

Vala Sciences, together with iXCells Biotechnologies, is proud to offer hiPSC-derived microglia for research and drug discovery. Suited for experiments in monoculture or in co-culture with hiPSC-derived neurons, our microglia will drive hiPSC-based neuroscience research forward.

Amount:  1 x 10^6 viably cells/tube of live culture in media

Species: Human

Brightfield image (20X) of Vala hiPSC-microglia in monoculture on Corning® Primaria™ surface.

Vala hiPSC-microglia (red) in co-culture with hiPSC-neurons (white) and hiPSC-astrocytes (green). Nucleus staining (Hoescht) in blue.

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