CyteSeer® Automated Video Analysis Software

Example of cytoplasmic ROIs by CyteSeer®

CyteSeer  reports the effect of each drug by collating data derived by proprietary speed-optimized algorithms, which segment and identify each cell, and then extract and parameterize the shape of every transient of every cell in the video.

KIC + CyteSeer generate rich, scalable datasets, which fully characterize kinetics of heterogeneous cells to enable the:

  1. Highest sensitivity and predictivity,
  2. Analyses of human mixed-cell/organoid disease-in-a-dish models, and
  3. Health of cell-cell, e.g., synaptic, communication.

Please note that CyteSeer® Video Analysis Software is not available as a standalone software package. It may be purchased only as part of a Vala imaging system.

Transient Parameterization:  An Illustration with Cardiomyocytes

Cyteseer Cardiomyocyte Action Potential Chart

Single Trace Extraction
Video of 6,984 individual action potentials of 668 hiPSC-cardiomyocytes (treated with 1.0 uM Nifedipine) from a single field of view, demonstrating kinetic heterogeneity, which often increases with candidate drug treatment, toxicity and model (e.g., genetic) disease. (Displayed at 30 fps.)

Cardiomyocyte Action Potential Parameterization

CyteSeer Parameterizes Each Transient
CyteSeer generates detailed quantitative characterization of each transient enabling statistical comparison to known human benchmarks (healthy or diseased).

CyteSeer® Video Segmentation and Cell Identification
Automatically identifies each cell captured in each video, and extracts and measures single-cell traces and single transients.

CyteSeer Big Data
CyteSeer captures, simplifies and reports complex data: 4 billion parameters on 3-10 million cells in 77 TB of video from 7,000 wells per day:

  • 30 parameters on each of 3-40 transients per cell (+10 on trace)
  • Full live/fixed cell HCS

CyteSeer plus Vala Expertise:
With the Vala team interpreting CyteSeer’s vast data outputs, the result is the most precise (and predictive) understanding of how a drug candidate affects cells (efficacy or side effect) to efficiently rank order drug candidates and enable:

  • The highest predictivity (comparable to animal studies) of human clinical outcomes
  • The best profiling (rank ordering) of drugs earliest in lead discovery (combined highest throughput and lowest cost)

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