Anti-P-Perilipin 1-Serine 522 Antibody (Cat. 4856)


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Amount:  100 µL

Background:  Lipid droplets are coated with a layer of proteins that regulate their growth and metabolism.  The major lipid droplet-associated protein in adipocytes is perilipin [1].  Mice in which the endogenous gene for perilipin is knocked out have a lean phenotype due to reduced accumulation of fat [2,3], suggesting that perilipin may have a “gate-keeper” function under basal conditions to protect the triglycerides from metabolism by lipases.  Upon activation of lipolytic pathways, perilipin is subject to phosphorylation at serine 497 and 522 by cyclic-AMP-dependent protein kinase, and phosphorylation of perilipin helps to recruit hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) to the lipid droplets.

Immunogen:  Synthetic peptide corresponding to the carboxy terminus of the human perilipin sequence, near serine 522

Specificity/Target:  Recognizes human perilipin 1 phosphorylated at serine 522 (equivalent to serine 517 of the murine sequence)

Species Reactivity:  human, mouse (verified)

Tested Applications:  Immunocytochemistry/immunofluorescence (ICC/IF), Western blotting (WB)

Recommended Dilutions:    ICC/IF   1:30      |      WB     1:5000

Storage:  4°C short-term; -20°C long-term

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This reagent has been featured in 39 peer-reviewed publications.

Human subcutaneous adipocytes were incubated in the presence and absence of the lipolytic activator Lys-3γ-MSH prior to being stained for nuclei (blue), lipid droplets (green), and phospho-perilipin (Ser 522) (red) using Vala Sciences’ lipid droplet staining kit (#4805) and mouse monoclonal antibody to phospho-perilipin (Ser 522) (# 4856).

Western blotting of protein extracts from 3T3L1 cells that were differentiated into adipocytes and treated with and without 6 µM forskolin. The phospho-perilipin (Ser 522) antibody (#4856) recognizes a distinct band at approximately 57 kD.


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