Reagent Purchase Orders

Vala Sciences accepts orders submitted by Purchase Order (PO) for qualified buyers.  If your company or institution is not yet qualified, please see the contact information at the bottom of this page to contact Vala.

If you are a qualified customer, please submit your purchase order using the form below.   Please complete all fields in the form and include the following information:

1.       Buyer Name
2.       Company/Institution Name
3.       Billing Address
4.       Billing Contact (Name, email, phone number)
5.       Shipping Address
6.       Shipping Contact (Name, email and phone number)
7.       Order Details (Reagent Cat#, quantity and price)

Interested in Learning More?

Please use this form to email Vala, or call today at (888) 742-VALA (8252).

If you are submitting a purchase order, please be sure to include all the information detailed above.