ValaDATE™ AI Platform

ValaDate Artificial Intelligence Platform

ValaDATE® (Deep Analytics for Toxicity & Efficacy) AI is Vala’s development stage artificial intelligence platform that we believe will further automate and accelerate how we process the vast data produced by the Vala platform.

A primary objective for ValaDATE AI is to compare KIC® single-transient/single-cell wave forms to normal human wave forms, using the big data generated by KIC and CyteSeer®, to rank-order drug candidates using statistical analysis and methods.

It is expected that ValaDATE AI applied to Vala’s single-cell kinetics and the resulting big data sets will enable precise rank-ordering of drug candidates to advance to the optimization stage, and that these down-selected candidates will offer a higher probability of successful clinical development.

To date, Vala’s platform has been demonstrated to select candidates that equal animal trial outcomes, which in itself is valuable, and which no other platform has been able to achieve. These outcomes have been achieved with Vala’s expert scientists evaluating KIC’s massive data outputs.

With ValaDATE AI, we intend to use machine learning to leverage this capability, resulting in statistically supported decision guidance for selecting drug candidates with the highest likelihoods of clinical success, and importantly, identifying problematic candidates early to prevent needless expenditures of time and resources.

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