Why Vala?

How Vala accelerates and improves in vitro drug screening

Well Plate


Human hiPSCs are loaded into well plates (96 or 384) and dosed with drug candidate(s).

Neurodegenerative Disease Video


KIC® applies proprietary fully automated video cytometry that simultaneously records and measures every action potential, Ca2+ transient, and muscle (heart or skeletal) contraction on every hiPSC in every well at up to 1,500 frames per second. KIC can screen up to 7,000 wells per day.

CyteSeer Plot


CyteSeer® generates precise parametric analysis of action potentials, calcium transients and contractile events – the most sensitive combined indicators of normal and abnormal cell activity.  CyteSeer captures and analyzes 10,000x more optical cellular data in real time than seen before:  up to 4 billion cell-health data points per day.

CyteSeer Chart


Vala experts compare CyteSeer outputs with an ever-growing library of known human cell-response waveforms, healthy or diseased.  The precision and sheer volume of data produced by the Vala platform enables us to statistically rank-order drug candidates with a level of predictivity that rivals animal studies. This provides drug developers a step-change improvement in how candidates are prioritized for clinical success.


ValaDATE™ (Deep Analytics for Toxicity & Efficacy) AI is Vala’s development stage artificial intelligence platform that we believe will further automate and accelerate how we process the vast data produced by the Vala platform.

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